Medical Spas

Providers may resume services; however, those services shall be scheduled by appointment with adequate time in between appointments to properly clean and disinfect. Walk-in appointments are prohibited during Phase 1. Effective Date – Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Phase 1 Guidelines

  • Clients shall be pre-screened for potential COVID-related symptoms prior to arrival for the appointment using the following questions:
    • Have you had a fever of 100.4°F or greater in the last two days?
    • Do you have a cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat or loss of taste or smell?
    • Have you had contact with a person known to be infected with COVID-19 within the past 14 days?

Those answering “yes” to any of the above shall have their services postponed for 14 days.

  • Employees/licensees shall be pre-screened with both the standardized questionnaire and a daily temperature check. Any employee with a temperature of 100.4°F or greater will not be allowed to work.
  • Services shall not be performed on clients who show any sign of illness such as fever, cough or runny nose. Signage shall be posted informing clients about this policy.
  • All persons in the salon/shop/clinic are required to maintain physical distancing of at least six feet while services are not being rendered.
    • For most entities, occupancy will be limited to no more than 10 persons, including all support staff.
    • In smaller facilities, the six feet physical distancing condition may require that fewer than 10 persons are present at any given time.
    • Larger facilities (able to accommodate more than 10 persons while maintaining appropriate physical distancing) shall operate no more than 30% of their stations during Phase 1.
  • Barbers, stylists and employees shall wear a face covering at all times. A cloth face covering is acceptable for this purpose.
  • Clients shall wear masks as services permit. A cloth face covering is acceptable for this purpose. Signage shall be posted informing clients about this policy.
  • Waiting area chairs shall be positioned to ensure six feet of social distancing. When possible, clients should wait outside of the shop/salon/clinic until called by their stylist/therapist.
  • All existing infection control rules remain in effect and will be enforced. Non-porous surfaces shall be cleaned and disinfected prior to use. Porous items shall be discarded after a single use.
  • Gloves shall be worn for all services.
  • Handwashing shall be performed before and after each service.
  • The Department of Health COVID Infection Control Education module should be viewed prior to reopening.
  • Practitioners shall maintain a record of the name, date and contact information for each client serviced for a period of one month. This may be accomplished using a sign-in sheet.
  • Barbering, cosmetology, body art and massage schools shall remain closed for in-person instruction during Phase 1. However, practical examinations may occur if they are performed on inanimate objects (i.e., mannequins, artificial skin, etc.) Appropriate physical distancing shall be maintained during testing.